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Create unique and cost effective animations to help your

customers help themselves


Talk2Me tailored explainer videos can cut the number of calls

into your contact centre

Welcome to Talk2Me

Talk2Me is a new way to communicate.


Our Explainer Videos reach out to your customers before they ring  in.

We create animations that link to your outbound letters through a Quick-Response, or QR, code.


We give clear, concise, messages that call your customers to action.

Our videos are a friendly face explaining your letter and advising customers what they should do next.


The video messages are tailored to the letters you send, and take your customer to the web-page you choose.

We provide the QR code and host your animations so they are always available, ad-free, on any device.


This channel-shift solution provides an effective way to cut contact centre demand and nudge your customers on-line.

So why not experience the power of animated video in your out-bound letters?


To find out more please contact us.

71–75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

020 7127 5297

[email protected]

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Does your contact centre get swamped with calls after every big mailing?


Are customers checking what the letter’s about, and asking what to do next?


With Talk2Me they could resolve their own enquiries, and complete their transactions online.